When I first learned of my daughter Summer’s autism diagnosis, I had this pie-in-the-sky idea that this “diagnosis” would solve everything.  It would swoop in and hand us a colorful amusement-park-like map that would guide us and get us where we needed to go. Of course, I was naive.  There was no guide or color-coded map.  There was more researching, filling out forms, waiting for responses, and collecting unanswered questions.

Shortly after the diagnosis, I was introduced to The Son-Rise Program® for autism through the Autism Treatment Center of America® out of Sheffield, Massachusetts.  I attended The Son-Rise 5-Day Start-Up Program.  To say it was a life changing week is truly an understatement.  I had breakdowns that led to breakthroughs and discovered a great deal about myself while also gaining a deep understanding of autism and Summer.  It was incredible.

There was also something so special about being in a room surrounded by other parents, family members and professionals from all over the world, who all have a commonality and an unspoken understanding of each other.  It was powerful stuff.  We had an automatic bond and trust that created an unconditional safe space for us to share, cry, laugh, and dream.  For the first time, I had hope.  I left it all on the table that week and went home with a belief that Summer was going to be way better than just okay

I immediately implemented the program.  This required significant changes to Summer’s school schedule, my work schedule, and our daily life.  It was worth every second.  I started seeing little changes in her routine behaviors.  I was not having to remind her to do mundane tasks within the first few weeks.  About two months later, parents of her friends and her friends began to mention that Summer was different, encouraging us to continue whatever we were doing.  Now, after three months, she is an entirely different human being as she is holding conversations, socializing with her friends, and showing a new, inquisitive nature.  I see differences every day.  It is really exciting to watch her constant growth.  We owe so much to The Son-Rise Program.

This all brings us to creating Recover Autism LLC.  The Son-Rise Program has changed our lives, and it is something that needs to be shared with as many people as possible.  I had thoughts of bringing it to New Jersey during my training, but I had to focus elsewhere for a bit, but my passion to make it a reality has grown exponentially; my dream caught fire as I saw my daughter thriving in her new landscape.

Recover Autism LLC is an organization whose mission is to Give Back Hope to Families Affected by Autism and Impact Their Lives through The Son-Rise Program®. If you align with our Mission, we would love for you to help us reach our goals and make a difference for our future. We are looking for Volunteers, Sponsors, Angel Donors, and of course, Prayers.

Robin DeLorenzo