Recover Autism

February 5, 2020: It’s been a minute since I have given an update on Summer and her incredible progress. I honestly can not believe the changes she has gone through in just 4 months, almost to the date. Everyday someone is telling me that Summer is an entirely different human being. Everyday I am hearing about her eye contact, communication and “being totally present”. Everyday she is surprising me with a new action, trying a new food, asking me a new question to learn about me. I know I see it but to hear it from other adults is incredible.

But today!!!!! I might have just gotten the most special feedback because it came from her friend that is part of her lunch crew. Yesterday, her friend went home and told her mom…

“Summer was at lunch today and we were talking about Steven Universe. Mom, Summer is so different this year.” Mom said, what do you mean? Friend said “she is really talking and holding a real conversation with me. She didn’t do that last year.” Then she asked her mom why she wasn’t in school all the time and her mom told her she is working on lots of things outside of school…

Her friend responded with “well, it’s working!” 🎉😊❤️😃

To say I started bawling is an understatement. Thank you God for guiding me and giving me the wisdom to listen and see your guidance. Thank you for bringing us to the Autism Treatment Center of America and the Son-Rise Program for Autism and to my dear friend Nancy who brought it to me and has given me the faith I needed to stand where I am today. We are truly blessed and Summer is on her way to Recovering from Autism!!!! Yes! You heard me correctly. Curing Autism. Reversing Vaccine Injury. She is living proof.

And now, I am working very hard to help as many other families as I can!!! I’ll be making a huge announcement over this next week about the 5-day Start-Up training that I took. I have been meeting and working with the Son-Rise folks and the contracts are just about signed. The dates for the New Jersey training are Oct 7-11. Locking in on the venue and details this week.

I am actively looking for Sponsors, Volunteers, Angel Donors and of course, Families to attend.

What did I name it?

Recover Autism.