The World is Her Stage

January 7, 2020:  Happy New Year!  We have so much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to!  Everyday, my girl is opening up and shining brighter and brighter.  I can’t believe it’s a mere 3 months today that I sat in my first session of The Son-Rise Program®.  I would never have guessed that Summer would have made this much progress.  Just from really taking her lead. 

She asked me 2 weeks ago if she could audition at the Pax Amicus theater and has talked about it everyday since. I told her she needed to mark the calendar and keep track of it if she really wanted to do it.  And for the first time, she did!  

She loves villains and said she wants to audition for one of the wicked step-sisters in an adaptation of Cinderella. And!!! Here we are! She remembered, she reminded me, she got us out the door on time and she stood on that stage and auditioned a new song that she learned on the spot and read a couple scenes.  The song was “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” and she read for Step Sister 1.

Another proud mom moment because just a short few months ago, it wasn’t something she would ever think about doing.  HUGE CHANGE!!!