Do you recognize me?

December 20, 2019: Very busy and quick week! We did some shopping, had beauty day, went caroling at Kessler Rehab, Christmas Concert, and ate lots of ice cream.  Usually, I lay everything out for Summer during a busy week like this and she chooses 1 or 2 things to be part of and we have a great time.  This year was different.  Summer was so social this year and she wanted to be part of everything.

Summer is blossoming. It’s so amazing and fun to watch her engaging with the world around her like never before. It’s like a light switch was turned on inside of her.  I know I am seeing all the amazing changes in her, but it is so great to hear it from everyone else who is around her – friends, parents, teachers, neighbors…

Last night was her ms/hs concert.  This was the first year that she wanted to go.  In the past, we have had a good deal of anxiety around it.  We have had years of never getting out of the house after getting dressed or turning around after getting to the parking lot or even leaving as the concert was starting. I have never forced her to do anything that causes her stress and I just take her lead with these types of events.  But, this year was so different, she was different.  I was watching an entirely different girl up on that stage last night.  I was beaming with pride as she was standing there in the gorgeous Christmas dress and shoes that she chose, belting out all the words like never before.  Every single word.  There were times, I could hear her through the microphone and she sounded great!  After the show, I was blown away by how many came up to me to compliment me on the changes they are seeing in her.  Parents who only see her during these types of get together’s too.

What really blew me away was a parent telling me that Summer had walked up to a dozen or so parents throughout the post concert ice-cream party, Looking them in the Eyes and asking them, “Do you recognize me?  My name is Summer”  Who was this girl?  Talking to parents and not sitting in the corner reading or doing her ipad?  Was she really looking them in the eyes?  She was really aware of herself and was letting everyone know that she has arrived and her name is Summer!  So cool!!

Time to celebrate our Blessings! 16 Days…NO SCHOOL…Christmas Break! Starting NOW! Yessssss!!