Climbing to New Heights

October 22, 2019: We are climbing to new heights and nothing will get in our way!

I cannot believe it is nine days since my last post! Did you miss me? The time feels like a big blur! I came home from the Autism Treatment Center of America® feeling the best I have in a very long time. I am so renewed and energized! I have an intense focus and clear path. Feels really great.

The first thing we did was tackled my office and turned it into Summer’s new focus room. We’re still not 100% done but we are just about there and she is really pumped up about it.

Next, we made some pretty huge changes in her/our school schedule. We pulled her from Arrowsmith and those classes that really cause the most anxiety. We kept her in the classes that are the most social. Part of her day will be in school and most at home with me and others who will join our team in her Focus Room. Our goals for this next year are huge and attainable and we are both excited for our journey. 

I have already begun to implement The Son-Rise Program® Techniques, Methodologies and Exercises I came home with.  I am loving her reactions to it all and I am seeing a difference in her eye contact and the way she is looking at me.  He focus is different.  I can’t wait to see where we go once we really get moving with our new schedule. It’s so great to be on a path!  It feels right. Only time will tell.