Flags were Flying!

Monday, October 7, 2019, Day 1:  I sprang up at the crack of dawn this morning, took a nice hot shower and got into my sweats, sweatshirt and slippers.  We were told to dress comfortably and that we were not allowed to wear shoes in any of the buildings, except the cafeteria. Perfect!

I was one of the first to arrive for breakfast. I chose one of the dozen or so tables, put my books down and ate an incredible breakfast.  I mean, what a spread we were served.  All healthy, all yummy and so much choice!

After returning from emptying my tray, I was soaking it all in and looked up at the 100 Nation’s Flags that were waving and representing all those students who came before me. I couldn’t believe what I saw directly above and around me. Barely 30 minutes in, I had my first moment telling me that Summer and I are surrounded by my incredible family, past and present. Directly above me was the United States. To my immediate right was Poland (Maternal), in front of me was Italy (Paternal), to my left is the USVI and Israel (In-laws).  Yes. A few tears during  breakfast and realized that I totally forgot my waterproof mascara! 😂😂

The classes are in this beautiful great room with the prettiest woodwork.  We used yoga chairs and sat on the floor with a blanket and our notepads. And yes, I sat in the front row.  Not something I usually do, but this feels different than any class I have ever taken.  I was called to be here and I am All In.  There are 42 of us.  Only 5 of us were from the U.S.  That surprised me.  Most of us parents and a few Professionals.

The training kicked off with a gift!  Our first teacher was Raun Kaufman.  The child, now man who is the reason this program exists.  The day flew by.  So much information and after only 1-day, I already have a deeper insight into Autism and my beautiful daughter. 

Tonight, we watched the NBC made for television movie “Son-Rise: A Miracle of Love” about the Kaufman family who created this program and who reversed and cured their son Raun, of sever autism.  The Doctor’s said he had an IQ of 40 and that the family should institutionalize him for the rest of his life.  His parents wouldn’t accept this type of life for their child and knew they could do better than what they were being offered and so The Son-Rise Program for Autism was born.  Today, not only is Raun a Brown Graduate but he is teaching and lecturing across the world, and proof to me that there is not enough known about Autism but these folks here?  They are most definitely on to something and I am so happy that I was able to make it happen!!  So incredibly grateful and I am so psyched for the next few days.